Mind Elevation [More on Playlists]

Our environment can get so stagnant (especially with a home practice), which is why I like to practice asana to music (though sometimes, I really need the silence, and I oblige). My body rhythmically responds to the vibrations and it adds a level of inspiration, perspiration, and respiration that I don’t achieve when I’m all up in my mind stuff.

It’s important, therefore, to have music that nurtures this, which is a whole ‘nother science (The body and mind experiences of the practitioner have to be taken into account when selecting what music is best for healing). I tailor playlists based on who/where I am teaching, even for myself, as my own body shifts; and I consider the effects of say, flutes versus drums, or piano keys, as well as the lyrics and register of the voice (if there is any).

This video is a good example of Urban Yogis who made a soundtrack for their experience. Also, I like how the folks in the background get in on it (what up, Meridian Hill Park-ers) and how that space in between Juquille’s brows stayed furrowed. I know that furrow. To soften it, soften the eyes (this may be most easily felt by shifting the gaze up towards the center of the forehead while eyelids are shut).

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