Another incidence of confusion and complaint about yoga being Hindu indoctrination has allowed the opportunity to offer these two pence: It’s not. I mean, I could be too far in, and on my death bed I’ll suck my teeth and think, brainwashed de whole time. But for now, I’m taking the stance that the brain washing, the […]

Our environment can get so stagnant (especially with a home practice), which is why I like to practice asana to music (though sometimes, I really need the silence, and I oblige). My body rhythmically responds to the vibrations and it adds a level of inspiration, perspiration, and respiration that I don’t achieve when I’m all […]

Proper music, when music is used, is essential to the guidance of energy. I make a point of integrating local artists like Oddisee, Kev Brown and Wayna; and community at large locals like 9th Wonder and J Dilla (RIP). Recently, the omie/cousin Adri put me on to Aloe Blacc and I luv it. Also, been […]


Words never come out of my mouth as eloquently as they sound in my head when I write, so I am writing what I hope to have conveyed today as a speaker at the Green Fest. Before I get to that, though, I had an interesting experience when someone asked me, “What makes you angry?” […]

Today my anger escaped me. I am somewhat practiced at containing it, examining it, and then letting it go. But, today. I let it go first. I yelled so loudly that the next moment all I could do was listen to what I had yelled. It repeated in my mind until I questioned it. Why […]

I will be speaking about the yogic lifestyle at the Green Festival 2012 in Washington, DC, Sunday, September 30th at 2p with Ariele Foster of Sacred Source (thank you for the invitation!); Kristin Adair of Off the Mat, Into the World; and Chelsea Huddleston of YoKid. Like it on Facebook. Show up in person. Guided […]

Iyengar goes in on something like a 45second inhale and a 33second exhale (I love it when he quotes the Hatha Yoga Pradipika: “The mind is the king of the senses, and the breath is the king of the mind.”): This weekend, the lovely Fabienne Moore, MD, MPH, RYT led a workshop on the anatomy […]

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine recently released a video exploring the efficacy of asana and pranayama. It is the second installment in The Science of Mind and Body Therapies series (the first examined Tai Chi and Qi Gong), and an exciting step in merging scientific methodologies for the health and wellness of […]

Manduka launched a new collection of mat couture today. The collection is called “Journey On” and features the “Road Tripper,” which fits a mat and a block (and a sustainable water bottle); and the sleeker, cheaper, ready-to-wear option, “The Commuter” ($158.00 for the former, $16.00 to strap up, mat not included). Truth be told: when […]


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